WWW94 -- Preliminary Proceedings

List of PostScript files for the WWW94 advance proceedings

This is a list of the formal presentations given. Links are to PostScript files as submitted.

  1. Keywords: technology, html+
    Title: A Review of the HTML+ Document Format
    Author: Dave Raggett <dsr@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
    Institute: Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol, UK
    PostScript, Size: 847238, Printed: 10 pages

  2. Keywords: technology, searching, indexing, HTTP
    Title: Directory Services and WWW integration using SOLO
    Author: Jean-Christophe Touvet <Jean-Christophe.TOUVET@inria.fr >
    Author: Paul-Andre Pays <Paul-Andre.PAYS@inria.fr >
    Institute: INRIA, Rocquencourt, FR
    PostScript, Size: 45709, Printed: 11 pages

  3. Keywords: administration, maintenance, links, HTTP, technology
    Title: The Microcosm Link Service and its Application to the World Wide Web
    Author: Wendy Hall <W.Hall@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
    Author: Leslie Carr <L.A.Carr@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
    Author: Hugh Davis
    Author: Rupert Hollom
    Institute: University of Southampton, UK
    PostScript, Size: 51443, Printed: 10 pages

  4. Keywords: technology, searching, HTML
    Title: Dynamic Rewriting of HTML Documents
    Author: Shin-ya Sato <sato@mahler.ntt.jp>
    Institute: NTT Communication Switching Labs, Tokyo, JP

  5. Keywords: technology, servers
    Title: World-Wide Web Proxies
    Author: Ari Luotonen <luotonen@ptsun00.cern.ch>
    Institute: CERN, CH
    PostScript, Size: 74606, Printed: 8 pages

  6. Keywords: technology, servers, replication
    Title: A Scalable Web Server
    Author: Eric Katz <ekatz@ncsa.uiuc.edu>
    Institute: NCSA, US
    PostScript, Size: 6060228, Printed: 10 pages

  7. Keywords: technology, authentication
    Title: Using the Web to Provide Private Information -or- Password Protection Without Modifying Clients
    Author: Bjorn N. Freeman-Benson <bnfb@scs.carleton.ca>
    Institute: School of Computer Science, Carleton University, CA
    PostScript, Size: 42726, Printed: 5 pages

  8. Keywords: technology, caching, security, business BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: A Caching Relay for the World Wide Web
    Author: Steve Glassman <steveg@src.dec.com>
    Institute: SRC, DEC, US
    PostScript, Size: 1997474, Printed: 8 pages

  9. Keywords: indexing, searching
    Title: GENVL and WWWW: Tools for Taming the Web
    Author: Oliver A. McBryan <mcbryan@cs.colorado.edu>
    Institute: University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, US
    PostScript, Size: 70866, Printed: 11 pages

  10. Keywords: indexing, technology, search, http
    Title: Aliweb - Archie-Like Indexing in the Web
    Author: Martijn Koster <m.koster@nexor.co.uk>
    Institute: NEXOR Ltd., UK
    PostScript, Size: 213616, Printed: 10 pages

  11. Keywords: technology, caching, servers
    Title: What can Archives offer the World Wide Web
    Author: Neil Smith <ngs@ukc.ac.uk>
    Institute: Unix Hensa, The University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
    PostScript, Size: 442678, Printed: 12 pages

  12. Keywords: indexing, spiders, repositories
    Title: The RBSE Spider - Balancing Effective Search Against Web Load
    Author: David Eichmann <eichmann@rbse.jsc.nasa.gov>
    Institute: RICIS, University of Houston, Clear Lake, US
    PostScript, Size: 55372, Printed: 8 pages

  13. Keywords: indexing, searching
    Title: Lost in Hyperspace? Free Text Searches in the Web
    Author: Christian Neuss <neuss@igd.fhg.de>
    Author: Stefanie Höfling <hoefling@igd.fhg.de>
    Institute: Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Darmstadt, DE
    PostScript, Size: 987758, Printed: 8 pages

  14. Keywords: indexing, searching, wais, integration, servers
    Title: Towards Better Integration of Dynamic Search Technology and the World-Wide Web
    Author: Doug McKee <doug@navisoft.com>
    Institute: Navisoft, US
    PostScript, Size: 43638, Printed: 7 pages

  15. Keywords: indexing, searching, browsing, mosaic
    Title: Information Retrieval in the World-Wide Web: Making Client-based searching feasible
    Author: R.D.J. Post <reinpost@win.tue.nl>
    Author: P.M.E. De Bra <debra@win.tue.nl>
    Institute: Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
    PostScript, Size: 162778, Printed: 10 pages

  16. Keywords: technology, tools, administration
    Title: Maintaining Distributed Hypertext Infostructures: Welcome to MOMspider's Web
    Author: Roy T. Fielding <fielding@simplon.ICS.UCI.EDU>
    Institute: University of California, Irvine, US
    PostScript, Size: 73592, Printed: 10 pages

  17. Keywords: technology, authoring, converter, framemaker
    Title: Converting formatted Documents to HTML
    Author: Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner <Jon.Tetzchner@nta.no>
    Institute: Norwegian Telecom Research, NO
    PostScript, Size: 219903, Printed: 10 pages

  18. Keywords: technology, authoring, converters, framemaker
    Title: Writing Documents For Paper And WWW: A strategy based on FrameMaker and WebMaker
    Author: B. Rousseau <rousseau@ptsun00.cern.ch>
    Author: M.Ruggier <ruggier@ptsun00.cern.ch>
    Institute: CERN, CH
    PostScript, Size: 213618, Printed: 10 pages

  19. Keywords: technology, authoring, converters
    Title: From Text to Hypertext: A Post-Hoc Rationalisation of LaTeX2HTML
    Author: Nikos Drakos <nikos@cbl.leeds.ac.uk>
    Institute: Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds, UK
    PostScript, Size: 1125423, Printed: 11 pages

  20. Keywords: technology, authoring, servers
    Title: A Tangled Web of Deceit
    Author: Andy Whitcroft <andy@cs.city.ac.uk>
    Author: Tim Wilkinson <tim@cs.city.ac.uk>
    Institute: City University, London, UK
    PostScript, Size: 130980, Printed: 11 pages

  21. Keywords: technology, authoring, tools, research
    Title: The Phoenix Project at the University of Chicago: Developing a Secure, Distributed Hypermedia Authoring Environment Built on the World Wide Web
    Author: John Kruper <j-kruper@uchicago.edu>
    Author: M. Lavenant <m-lavenant@uchicago.edu>
    Institute: Biological Sciences, University of Chicago, US
    PostScript, Size: 45305, Printed: 6 pages

  22. Keywords: technology, authoring, languages, HTTP, servers BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: Multilingual Information Exchange through the World-Wide Web
    Author: Toshihiro Takada <takada@seraph.ntt.jp> <takada@bodega.Stanford.EDU>
    Institute: NTT Basic Research Labs and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., JP
    PostScript, Size: 142852, Printed: 8 pages

  23. Keywords: technology, authoring, editors
    Title: Experiences With A WYSIWYG Editor for HTML
    Author: Nick Williams <njw@cs.city.ac.uk>
    Author: Tim Wilkinson <tim@cs.city.ac.uk>
    Institute: City University, London, UK
    PostScript, Size: 824993, Printed: 12 pages

  24. Keywords: technology, servers
    Title: A Common Lisp Hypermedia Server
    Author: John C. Mallery <jcma@reagan.ai.mit.edu>
    Institute: Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, US
    PostScript, Size: 1231824, Printed: 16 pages

  25. Keywords: applications, multimedia, publishing
    Title: Active Articles in Interactive Journals
    Author: Steffen Meschkat <mesch@artcom.de>
    Institute: ART+COM, Berlin, DE
    PostScript, Size: 64678, Printed: 5 pages

  26. Keywords: technology, multimedia, HTML
    Title: The Design and Implementation of a Media on Demand System for WWW
    Author: Anders Klemets <klemets@paul.rutgers.edu>
    Institute: The Royal Institute of Technology, SE
    PostScript, Size: 73173, Printed: 10 pages

  27. Keywords: applications, administration, biographies
    Title: Active Pages: Intelligent Nodes on the World Wide Web
    Author: Henry Houh <hhh@dill.lcs.mit.edu>
    Author: Chris Lindblad <cjl@dill.lcs.mit.edu>
    Author: David Wetherall <djw@dill.lcs.mit.edu>
    Institute: MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, US
    PostScript, Size: 326955, Printed: 6 pages

  28. Keywords: administration, visualisation, servers, statistics
    Title: WEBVIZ: A Tool for World Wide Web Access Log Visualization
    Author: James E. Pitkow <pitkow@cc.gatech.edu>
    Author: Krishna Bharat <kb@cc.gatech.edu>
    Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, US
    PostScript, Size: 246417, Printed: 7 pages

  29. Keywords: applications, libraries, indexing, searching
    Title: Use of WWW in a Documentary Network: first steps towards a Virtual Library
    Author: Elizabeth Cherhal <cherhal@grenet.fr>
    Institute: CICG, Grenoble, FR
    Author: Serge Rouveyrol
    Institute: Midiathhque IMAG, Grenoble, FR
    NO PostScript (Hard copy), 6 pages.

  30. Keywords: administration, statistics
    Title: Results From the First World Wide Web User Survey
    Author: James E. Pitkow <pitkow@cc.gatech.edu>
    Author: Mimi Recker <mimi@cc.gatech.edu>
    Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, US
    PostScript, Size: 149719, Printed: 12 pages

  31. Keywords: applications, biology, indexing, databases
    Title: The use of WWW in Biological research
    Author: R.Doelz <doelz@comp.bioz.unibas.ch>
    Institute: Biocomputing Basel, CH
    Author: T.Etzold <etzold@embl-heidelberg.de>
    Institute: EMBL Heidelberg, DE
    PostScript, Size: 1605945, Printed: 7 pages

  32. Keywords: applications, education, technology
    Title: World-Wide algorithm animation
    Author: Bertrand Ibrahim <bertrand@cui.unige.ch>
    Institute: University of Geneva, CH
    PostScript, Size: 115428, Printed: 12 pages

  33. Keywords: applications, education
    Title: Teaching Hypertext Techniques with Mosaic/WWW
    Author: Pieter A. van Brakel <pavb@info.rau.ac.za>
    Institute: Rand Afrikaans University, ZA
    PostScript, Size: 54306 Printed: 8 pages

  34. Keywords: applications, education, application, government BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: Virtual Classroom: A Case Study
    Author: Dimitri Dimitroyannis <ddimitri@paramount.nikhefk.nikhef.nl>
    Institute: National Dutch Institute of Nuclear and High Energy Physics, NL
    PostScript Size: 106130, Printed: 5 pages

  35. Keywords: applications, museums
    Title: The Virtual Reconstruction of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Author: David Levine <motodave@butterfly.net>
    Institite: US Holocaust Memorial Museum, US
    PostScript, Size: 1219048, Printed: 3 pages

  36. Keywords: applications, education, government
    Title: WWW for the Globewide Network Academy
    Author: Marcus Speh, <marcus@x4u.desy.de>
    Author: Carter Butts <eagle@acpub.duke.edu>,
    Author: Colman Reilly <creilly@maths.tcd.ie>,
    Author: Joseph C. Wang <joe@athena.mit.edu>
    Institute: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, DESY, Hamburg/Germany
    Affiliation: GlobeWide Network Academy, Inc. 2612 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas 78705
    PostScript, Size: 55652, Printed: 10 pages

  37. Keywords: applications, education, hybrid systems, gateways, cd-roms
    Title: Interactive Education: Transitioning CD ROMs to the Web
    Author: Michael Mascha <mascha@mizar.usc.edu>
    Author: Gary Seaman
    Institute: Dept. of Anthropology, University of Southern California, LA, US
    PostScript, Size: 964846, Printed: 6 pages

  38. Keywords: applications, multimedia, interaction
    Title: Interactive Information Services Using World-Wide Web Hypertext
    Author: Steve Putz <putz@parc.xerox.com>
    Institute: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, US
    PostScript, Size: 138939, Printed: 10 pages

  39. Keywords: technology, authoring, financial applications
    Title: A Multilingual Lexicon on the Web
    Author: Andres Bartroli <andres@axone.ch>
    Institute: Axone, CH
    Author: Jean-François Groff <jfg@infodesign.ch>
    Institute: Info Design, Geneva, CH
    Author: Claudia Mozzafari <claudia@axone.ch>
    Author: Werner Staub <werner@axone.ch>
    Institute: Axone, CH
    NO PostScript (Hard copy), 5 pages.

  40. Keywords: technology, multimedia, gateways, databases
    Title: Integrating Structured Databases Into the Web: The MORE System
    Author: David Eichmann <eichmann@rbse.jsc.nasa.gov>
    Institute: RICIS, University of Houston, Clear Lake, US
    Author: Terry McGregor <mcgrego@rbse.jsc.nasa.gov>
    Author: Dann Danley <ddanley@rbse.jsc.nasa.gov>
    Institute: INET, Inc., US
    PostScript, Size: 64404, Printed: 10 pages

  41. Keywords: technology, tools, databases
    Title: Zelig: Schema-Based Generation of Soft WWW Database Applications
    Author: Carlos A. Varela <cvarela@cs.uiuc.edu>
    Author: Caroline C. Hayes <hayes@cs.uiuc.edu>
    Institute: Dept. of Computer Science, UIUC, US
    PostScript, Size: 254159, Printed: 8 pages

  42. Keywords: technology, multimedia, virtual reality
    Title: WWW'94 Demonstration submission: The Ping Project
    Author: Antya Umstaetter <antya@artcom.de>
    Institute: Hochschule der K|nste, Berlin, DE
    PostScript, Size: 45683, Printed: 3 pages

  43. Keywords: technology, searching, browsing, protocols
    Title: Cyberspace
    Author: Mark D. Pesce <mpesce@netcom.com>
    Author: Peter Kennard <peterk@netcom.com>
    Author: Anthony S. Parisi <dagobert@netcom.com>
    PostScript, Size: 62503, Printed: 7 pages
    Institute: Labyrinth Group, San Francisco, US

  44. Keywords: indexing, business, administration, consortia, standards BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: Untangling the Web
    Author: Jean-François Groff <jfg@infodesign.ch>
    Author: Jacques Descombes <jack@infodesign.ch>
    Institute: Info Design, Geneva, CH
    PostScript, Size: 14460 Printed: 2 pages

  45. Keywords: technology, tools
    Title: Controlled by the Web!
    Author: Alan Slater <afs@cee.hw.ac.uk>
    Institute: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
    PostScript, Size: 437824, Printed: 11 pages

  46. Keywords: applications, business, BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: Digital's World-Wide Web Server: A Case Study
    Author: Russ Jones <rjones@pa.dec.com>
    Institute: Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, US
    PostScript, Size: 77769, Printed: 10 pages

  47. Keywords: applications, images, research, business, culture BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: Online Images from the History of Medicene (OLI): Creating a Large Searchable Image Database for Distribution via World-Wide Web
    Author: R.P. Channing Rodgers ("Rick") <rodgers@nlm.nih.gov>
    Author: S. Srinivasan <suresh@billings.nlm.nih.gov>
    Institute: Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, National Library of Medicine, NIH, US
    PostScript, Size: 2774569, Printed: 9 pages

  48. Keywords: applications, home use, government, social BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: Home on the Web
    Author: Børre Ludvigsen <borrel@dhhalden.no>, Institute: Østfold Regional College, NO
    PostScript Size: 4062825, Printed: 6 pages

  49. Keywords: business, home use
    Title: Changing your Business Culture with Mosaic (Abstract)
    Author: Ray Anderson
    PostScript, Size: 23621, Printed: 1 page

  50. Keywords: administration, philosophy, BUSINESS TRACK?
    Title: NURSE: A Case Study. Just How Useful is a Subject Service
    Author: Denis Anthony <cudma@warwick.ac.uk>
    Institute: University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
    PostScript, Size: 48057, Printed: 9 pages

Collected by Mario Ruggier

RC 02 June 94