WWW94 -- Final Programme

Wednesday 25 May

================== Plenary Sessions ================== Main Amphitheater 09:30 Welcome - Prof. Walter Hoogland, CERN 09:45 Keynote Address Effective rules in Cyberspace: what we may wish to do and what we can do - Dr. David Chaum, DigiCash
10:30 Coffee
10:45 The State of the Web - Joseph Hardin, NCSA 11:45 The Future of the Web - Tim Berners-Lee, CERN
12:45 Lunch
============ ============== =================== TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS WORKSHOPS & BOFs ============ ============== =================== HTTP/HTML PUBLISHING Main Amphitheater Council room chairman: R.Rodgers chairman: P.E.Dybvik 14:15 A Review of the HTML+ 14:15 Active Articles in 14:15 WWW in Chemistry Document Format Interactive Journals room: 4S-013 -Dave Raggett -Steffen Meschkat -Henry Rzepa HP Laboratories,Bristol,UK ART+COM, Berlin, DE 14:15 The role of SGML 14:40 Directory Services and WWW 14:40 A Common Lisp Hypermedia within WWW integration using SOLO Server (BOF)room: 104R-A10 -Jean-Christophe Touvet -John C. Mallery -Bert Bos Paul-Andre Pays Artificial Intelligence Lab, INRIA, Rocquencourt, FR MIT, US 15:05 The Microcosm Link Service 15:05 The Design and Implementation and its Application to the of a Media on Demand System World Wide Web for WWW -Wendy Hall -Anders Klemets Leslie Carr The Royal Institute of Technology, Hugh Davis SE Rupert Hollom University of Southampton, UK 15:30 Dynamic Rewriting of HTML 15:30 Active Pages: Intelligent documents Nodes on the World Wide Web -Shin-ya Sato -Henry Houh NTT Communication Switching Labs Chris Lindblad Tokyo, JP David Wetherall MIT Laboratory,US
16:00 Coffee
SERVERS STATISTICS Main Amphitheater Council room chairman: S. Bortzmeyer chairman: M. Sandfaer 16:15 World-Wide Web Proxies 16:15 WEBVIZ: A Tool for World Wide 16:15 Document formats Web Access Log Visualization (BOF)room: 304 A -Ari Luotonen -James E. Pitkow -Dave Raggett Kevin Altis Krishna Bharat CERN, CH Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, US 16:40 A Scalable Web Server 16:40 Use of WWW in a Documentary Network: first steps towards a Virtual Library -Eric Katz -Elizabeth Cherhal NCSA, US CICG, Grenoble, FR Serge Rouveyrol Midiathhque IMAG, Grenoble, FR 17:05 Using the Web to Provide 17:05 Results From the First World Private Information -or- Wide Web User Survey Password Protection Without Modifying Clients -Bjorn N. Freeman-Benson -James E. Pitkow School of Computer Science Mimi Recker Carleton University, CA Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, US 17:30 A Caching Relay for the 17:30 Discussion World Wide Web -Steve Glassman SRC, DEC, US 18:00 end of sessions

Thursday 26 May

============ ============== ================== TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS WORKSHOPS & BOFs ============ ============== ================== INDEXING EDUCATION Main Amphitheater Council room chairman: M. Goossens chairman: M. Bogen 09:00 GENVL and WWWW: Tools 09:00 The use of WWW in Biological 09:00 Compositional graphics for Taming the Web research and virtual reality -Oliver A. McBryan -R.Doelz (BOF) room: 104R-B09 University of Colorado Biocomputing Basel, CH -Dave Raggett & Boulder, CO, US T.Etzold Tim Berners-Lee EMBL Heidelberg, DE 09:25 Aliweb 09:25 World-Wide algorithm animation -Martijn Koster -Bertrand Ibrahim NEXOR Ltd., UK University of Geneva, CH 09:50 What can Archives offer 09:50 Teaching Hypertext Techniques the World Wide Web with Mosaic/WWW -Neil Smith -Pieter A. van Brakel 10:00 Development Priorities Unix Hensa,The University of Rand Afrikaans University, ZA room: 104R-A10 Kent at Canterbury, UK -Robert Cailliau 10:15 The RBSE Spider - Balancing 10:15 Virtual Classroom: A Case Study Effective Search Against Web Load -David Eichmann -Dimitri Dimitroyannis RICIS, University of Houston, National Dutch Institute of Clear Lake, US Nuclear and HEP,NL
10:45 Coffee
chairman: P. van Brakel chairman: K. Hughes 11:00 Lost in Hyperspace? 11:00 The Virtual Reconstruction Free Text Searches of the US Holocaust Memorial in the Web Museum -Christian Neuss -David Levine Stefanie Höfling US Holocaust Memorial Museum, US Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Darmstadt, DE 11:25 Towards Better Integration of 11:25 WWW for the Globewide Dynamic Search Technology and Network Academy the World-Wide Web -Doug McKee -Marcus Speh Navisoft, US Carter Butts Colman Reilly Joseph C. Wang GlobeWide Network Academy Inc. 2612 Guadalupe, Texas 78705 11:50 Information Retrieval in the 11:50 Interactive Education: World Wide Web: Making Client Transitioning CD ROMs to based searching feasible the Web -P.M.E. De Bra -Michael Mascha R.D.J. Post Gary Seaman Eindhoven University of University of Southern California Technology, NL LA, US 12:15 Maintaining Distributed Hyper- 12:15 Interactive Information Services text Infostructures: Welcome Using World-Wide Web Hypertext to MOMspider's Web -Roy T. Fielding -Steve Putz University of California Xerox Palo Alto RC,US Irvine, US
12:45 Lunch
================== ========= BUSINESS/GOV/PRESS WORKSHOPS ================== ========= Main Amphitheater chairman: R. Cailliau 14:15 What is WWW | 14:15 Electronic publishing and Where is it used now | room: 104R-A10 -Robert Cailliau | -Steven Pemberton CERN, CH | 14:15 Navigation issues | room: B 61 15:00 Questions/Answers | -Bipin C Desai | 14:15 Offering the same information via 15:30 Digital's World-Wide Web | multiple services Server: A Case Study | room: 104R-B09 -Russ Jones | -Enrique Canessa & Andrea Balestra Digital EC, Palo Alto, US | 14:15 Specialized servers ------------------------------- | room: Council room 16:00 Coffee | -Henry Houh & David Tennenhouse ------------------------------- | 14:15 Teaching and learning with the web 16:15 Online Images from the History | room: 304 A of Medicine (OLI): Creating | N.B. continuing on Friday 27th at a Large Searchable Image | 09:00 Database for Distribution | -Daniel Schneider & via World-Wide Web | Marcus Speh & -R.P.C. Rodgers | Kenneth Hensarling S. Srinivasan | Lister Hill National Center | for Biomedical Communications, | National Library of Medicine, | NIH US | | 16:40 A Home on the Web | -Borre Ludvigsen | Ostfold Regional College, NO | | 17:05 Changing your Business | Culture with Mosaic | -Ray Anderson | IXI-SCO | | 17:30 NURSE: A Case Study. Just | How Useful is a Subject | Service | -Denis Anthony | University of Warwick | Coventry, UK | | 18:00 Discussion panel | | 18:30 End of sessions | 19:15 Embarkation for the Conference dinner on lake boat 19:30 Announcement of WWW94 Awards 20:00 Dinner

Friday 27 May

============ ============== ============ TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS WORKSHOPS ============ ============== ============ CONVERTERS DATABASES Main Amphitheater Council room chairman: J.Y. Le Meur chairman: D. Kroemker 09:00 Converting formatted Documents 09:00 A Multilingual Lexicon 09:00 Teaching and learning to HTML on the Web with the web -Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner -Andres Bartroli room: 304 A Norwegian Telecom Research, NO Claudia Mozzafari Axone, CH 09:00 HTML+ Jean-Francois Groff room: 104R-B09 Info Design, Geneva, CH -Dave Raggett & Phillip Hallam-Baker 09:00 WWW in Biology 09:25 Writing Documents for Paper and 09:25 Integrating Structured room: 4 S-013 WWW Databases Into the Web: -Peter Murray-Rust & The MORE System Reinhard Doelz & -B. Rousseau -David Eichmann Bradley K. Sherman M.Ruggier INET, Inc., US CERN, CH Terry McGregor Dann Danley INET, Inc., US 09:50 From Text to Hypertext: A 09:50 Zelig: Schema-Based Post-Hoc Rationalisation of Generation of Soft WWW LaTeX2HTML Database Applications -Nikos Drakos -Carlos A. Varela Computer Based Learning Unit, Caroline C. Hayes University of Leeds, UK Dept. of Computer Science, UIUC,US 10:15 Discussion 10:15 Discussion
10:45 Coffee
AUTHORING ADVANCED TOPICS Main Amphitheater Council room chairman: J. Hardin chairman: R. Brandwein 11:00 A Tangled Web of Deceit 11:00 WWW'94 Demonstration submission: The Ping Project -Andy Whitcroft -Antya Umstaetter Tim Wilkinson Hochschule der Künste, City University, London, UK Berlin, DE 11:25 The Phoenix Project at the 11:25 Cyberspace University of Chicago: Developing a Secure, Distri- buted Hypermedia Authoring Environment Built on the WWW -John Kruper -Mark D. Pesce M. Lavenant Labyrinth Group, Biological Sciences San Francisco, US University of Chicago, US 11:50 Multilingual Information Ex- 11:50 Untangling the Web change through the World-Wide Web -Toshihiro Takada -Jean-Francois Groff NTT Basic Research Labs and Jacques Descombes Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Info Design, Geneva, CH Corp., JP 12:15 Experiences With A WYSIWYG 12:15 Controlled by the Web! Editor for HTML -Nick Williams -Alan Slater Tim Wilkinson Heriot-Watt University, City University, London, UK Edinburgh, UK
12:45 Lunch
================== Plenary Sessions ================== 14:00 Plenary Panel : List the 10 most important future directions for WWW 15:00 end of conference
SFV and G.B. May 11, 1994