WWW94 -- Announcements

To allow for some more flexibility, we have moved some of the deadlines, notably the last day for early registration is now April 30.

By agreement, we have removed the lists of papers and abstracts already submitted. They will re-appear as soon as the programme is finalised. This change in policy is due to the fact that we will have to be selective, and not everyone submitting an abstract will be chosen by the committee for a presentation. The new policy protects the interests of those people whose contributions, for whichever reason, may not be accepted.

In principle, information about this conference will be circulated through the World-Wide Web itself. Printed circulars will be available only for special invitations.

Note that many documents may be evolving until the last minute. But you can always find out what has changed in the last seven days, or since the last access from your machine.

Send remarks by e-mail to the secretariat.

RC18 Feb 94