Submitting Papers

WWW94 -- Submitting Papers


Start by submitting by e-mail a short abstract of your contribution: Abstracts should arrive no later than March 31. E-mail or fax. As far as possible, submit the abstract in HTML format, so we can incorporate it easily in the files accessible to the committee. Supply also URLs to the full paper if you have it already.

Final Papers

All complete contributions should preferably be submitted as URLs to the Conference Secretariat before the deadline of April 15th.

If you do not have access to a WWW server, then you may submit your text and figures by e-mail to the Secretariat. The text should be marked up in HTML+, figures should be PostScript or GIF.

Printed Proceedings

We will make printed proceedings because of the wish of many to be able to refer to classically published material. This will be in addition and parallel to the material in the Web.

If you want your paper to appear in the printed Conference Proceedings, then you should submit either one of these:

Accepted contributions will be pointed to from the papers page, but see change of policy.

We reserve the right to copy accepted papers to our local server in order to ensure better local access.

To ensure readership, construct your contribution if possible so that all hypertext nodes sit in a single directory, apart from references to other's work.

RC 23 Feb 94