WWW94 -- Travel Tips

Note: the CERN travel agent is Wagonlit.


There are several maps available:

What should you keep in mind?

Everything in the area is made doubly exciting by the following facts:

Therefore, ALWAYS carry your papers, even when going to town for dinner! Unless you are used to the area, you may find yourself in front of a border post when you least expect it.

Normal Entry Documents

To attend the conference, it is sufficient to have papers giving you a single-entry to Switzerland. For people from the European Union and North America a valid passport or identity card is normally sufficient, but please check carefully, we are unable to help you with travel papers!

Special Cases

If you want to do more than attend the conference, like take an excursion, or book a hotel other than the recommended ones, you may want to cross the Swiss-French border more than once. In such case you must have the right to multiple entries in both France and Switzerland, and this may require special papers. This applies especially to people from outside the European Union and North America.

Although it is not strictly necessary, we strongly recommend that you have valid papers for traveling in both Switzerland and France. There will be visits to the CERN site in both countries.

To get to Geneva:

Possible money savers:

Apart from what follows, you may wish to consult our travel agent.

To get to the area from outside Europe:


One way or another, you arrive at one of these three places:

From the airport: If you have booked at the Warwick Hotel, the easiest thing to do is to take the train from the airport to the city (Cornavin railway station, every ten minutes or so) the hotel is across the square in front of the Cornavin station. For other Geneva hotels, take a taxi to your hotel from the railway station, or walk there.

If you have a hotel in France and arrive at the airport, be sure to go through the French exit, then take a French taxi.

RC 19 Feb 94