WWW94 -- Awards

The Conference Dinner took place on the evening of May 26, in the company of a Jazz-band, called "Wolfgang and the WereWolves (no joke and not a planned coincidence!). The WWW'94 Awards were handed out at this occasion.

This was the result of a vote via the "Best of WWW" contest set up by Brandon Plewe.

Brandon closed the voting on May 24, and e-mailed me the list of winners. He also had some messages, which I include here:

Brandon Plewe writes

Here are a few observations I have made about the awards. I would appreciate it if you would read them to everyone, if you have time. (RC: and I did!)

Classes of winners

Then followed his list of winners. There was a "Hall of Fame" and a set of categories.

Hall of Fame Inductees

These five persons received a Chromachron watch, engraved with the WWW logo.

(For those who cannot see the pictures, this dress-watch shows time with only the hour hand. The face is divided into twelve coloured sectors. The hour hand is a black disk, exposing only the width of one sector. Thus, at any hour on the hour, a single colour is visible through this gap; at half past some hour, two colours are visible in equal amounts etc. The image was scanned at 25 minutes before one o'clock)


There were 12 categories, each with a winner and one or more honourable mentions. All winners get a year's subscription to WIRED magazine. Both NCSA and Xerox won twice, therefore in addition they both get a subscription to the journal "Computer Networks and ISDN systems", that will print the proceedings. The others get in addition a special book issue of this journal which deals with .

Two sites got twice an honourable mention, so they were to get a subscription to WIRED magazine. As one of them was WIRED itself, I decided to give them the book...

Here are the categories and winners:

Best Overall Site
Winner: NCSA

Honourable mention: CERN
                    Global Network Navigator

Best Campus-Wide Information Service
Winner: Globewide Network Academy

Honourable mention: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                    University of Texas-Austin
                    Honolulu Community College
                    University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Most Important Service Concept
Winner: What's New on the WWW (NCSA, see above)

Honourable mention: Global Network Navigator
                    Globewide Network Academy

Best Document Design
Winner: Travels with Samantha (Greenspun, MIT)

Honourable mention: Wired Magazine
                    GNN NetNews
                    Principia Cybernetica Web

Best Educational Site
Winner: Introduction to C++ (Marcus Speh)

Honourable mention: ArtServe
                    Museum of Paleontology
                    Views of the Solar System

Best Entertainment Site
Winner: Sports Information service (Eric Richard, MIT)

Honourable mention: Movie Database
                    Doctor Fun
                    Wired Magazine

Best Use of Interaction
Winner: Xerox Map Server (Steve Putz)

Honourable mention: Geometry Applications Gallery
                    Weather Map requestor

Best Use of Multiple Media
Winner: Le Louvre (Nicola Pioch)

Honourable mention: Expo
                    TNS Technology Demos
                    Usenet Image Gallery

Most Technical Merit
winner: Xerox Map Server (Steve Putz)

Honourable mention: Interactive Genetic Art
                    Dutch Teletext Gateway

Best Commercial Site
winner: O'Reilly and Associates

Honourable mention: Hewlett-Packard
                    Sun Microsystems

Best Navigational Aid
winner: World Wide Web Worm (Oliver McBrian)

Honourable mention: Internet Meta-Index
                    Virtual Tourist

Best Professional Service
Winner: OncoLink (Buhle & Goldwein)

Honourable mention: Unified CS Technical Report Index
                    Virtual Hospital

RC 28 May 94